Welcome to Chicago Concierge Pediatrics, where you will discover a new approach to providing the best pediatric care for your children.

CCP utilizes the concierge pediatrics medicine model; a progressive model of care that offers the highest level of service by providing the best comprehensive, long-term care for your child.

“Dr Weems is absolutely amazing! I am a demanding mother, that probably worries a bit too much and she always exudes the highest level of patience with me. She is incredible at providing suggestions and objective feedback for care for my son. Imagine going to an appointment and not feeling rushed, it’s refreshing! Dr. Weems truly cares about her patients and their parents. She’s warm, caring, knowledgeable and proactive-everything you would want in a pediatrician.”

Miri, Mother of 18 month old son

“Dr. Weems is incredibly caring, compassionate, forthright, knowledgeable and brings a down-to-earth, parent-to-parent approach to our daughter’s care. Plus, it is unbelievably apparent how much she truly cares about our little one on a personal level. There are very few days where we don’t talk, check-in and just connect on the happenings in our complicated medical situation. We often rely on her as a pillar of support and to help us when we don’t know where to turn. She is truly the backbone of our greater support team and she works with all of our doctors at Lurie’s, visits our daughter in the hospital and does ANYTHING she can to provide world-class care.”

Andrew, Father of 1 year old daughter

What is concierge medicine and why is it right for my family?

A pediatrician in today’s standard practice has a patient size typically ranging from 1,000 – 2,000 which means short, rushed, back-to-back appointments all day long. It is virtually impossible for even the best of pediatricians to provide the comprehensive, thoughtful care your children and family deserve. Crucial preventive care is rarely addressed simply because there is just not enough time, resulting in more sick time for your children and more time at the doctor’s office for you.

Concierge medicine will provide you with the time, attention and comprehensive care necessary to give your child the best health possible.

By eliminating insurance companies and all of the constraints they are able to place upon physicians, the focus at a concierge practice shifts from quantity to quality. At CCP, you will receive quality, personalized appointments with Dr. Weems, where your child and family will receive the time necessary to build and grow an intimate patient-family-doctor relationship that will be invaluable to your child’s total health and well-being.

CCP will likely appeal most to the following families:

What does CCP provide for your family?

  • A pediatrician who intimately knows your entire family

  • 24/7/365 access to Dr. Weems

  • All appointments in the comfort of your own home

  • Same day appointments

  • Longer, comprehensive, personalized appointments and conversations

  • Complete care coordination with other pediatric specialists, when necessary, in Chicagoland and beyond

  • Preventive healthcare measures to reduce sick time and trips to the ER and urgent care